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Nagpur, located right in the middle of India, has many great places to explore. You can easily book a Divyani taxi to visit these awesome spots without any hassle.

There are lots of beautiful things to see in this area like lakes, temples, and wildlife sanctuaries. For example, Ambazari Garden and Lake are fantastic to visit, surrounded by trees and filled with different plants and animals. Sitabuldi Fort is another popular place, sitting on a hill in the middle of Nagpur with great views around.

Here are some of the top places to check out:

Taxi booking in Nagpur

1. Deeksha Bhoomi

Deeksha Bhoomi sometimes called the most serene location, is probably at the top of your list of “things to do in Nagpur.” Constructed in 2001, Deeksha Bhoomi is the biggest stupa in Asia and a relatively modern monument with a vast whitewashed dome.

2. Umred Karhandla Wildlife Sanctuary

Umred Karhandla, home to “Jai,” one of the biggest tigers and the lone male in the entire sanctuary, has grown to be a popular tourist destination, particularly for those who enjoy the outdoors and photography. For a day vacation, it’s a great choice.

3. Ambazari Lake and Garden

As said earlier, Nagpur is home to a huge number of lakes—11 to be exact—and Ambazari Lake is one of the most well-known tourist destinations in the city, mostly due to its size. Its sheer vastness and beauty beg for some quiet time spent in the middle of the wilderness.

futala lake Nagpur-

4. Futala Lake

Futala Lake is a well-liked tourist destination in Nagpur, spanning more than 60 acres and having significant historical significance. Every year, hundreds of tourists flock to this location to see the colorful fountains, neon lights, and carriage rides. Families with young children are particularly drawn to the area’s verdant surroundings and wide spaces, which provide an ideal setting for outdoor sports.

5. Pench Tiger Reserve

53 tigers are living in Pench Tiger Reserve. Pench, which stretches over two states—Maharashtra and Nagpur—is well-known for its wildlife. Among all the various tourist attractions in Nagpur, this park most definitely merits a visit.

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6. Gorewada Lake

Gorewada Lake and the dam that surrounds it are suitable for a full-day picnic. The water body is very important since it provides Nagpur’s entire water supply. A magnificent scenery is created by the quantity of tall trees, shrubs, and lush greenery surrounding the lake.

7. Ambhora Bridge

Ambhora Bridge is one of the newest and most popular attractions near Nagpur city. It’s built along a river and is located 70 km away from Nagpur. The nighttime view of this place is absolutely stunning and shouldn’t be missed.

Ambhora Bridge nagpur

8. Ramtek Fort

Situated within a fort on the outside of Nagpur city, Ramtek is a fort temple perched on a hill. This makes it an idyllic spot that is also suitable for a single-day picnic with loved ones.

Hiring a taxi is a terrific method to see as much as you can. There are a ton of historical and archeological sites in Nagpur that tourists would want to visit. Despite being a hectic city, it draws tourists from all over the world who come to see the history, landmarks, and scenery. Nagpur serves as a starting point for several significant local and international religious pilgrimages. When exploring the city’s historical sites, religious locations, wildlife, and other sightseers, people in Nagpur choose to opt for cab services.

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